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Definitions Edit

A software defined network (SDN) is

[a] private line service that integrates use of AT&T's Message Telecommunications Service switched network and customized, computerized network features to create a private line network for customers. Customers identify the specific points they wish to connect via SDN service and have a specific numbering plan to call these locations. SDN also allows customers to call points off its network by dialing a single digit for off-network access. SDN customers receive access to this service via (1) their own facilities, (2) special access service, or (3) a new type of switched access developed for SDN and referred to as "standard switched access."[1]
[a]n approach to networking that decouples control of information flow from the hardware and gives it to a software controller. This allows for less data to travel wirelessly, making it a potential strategy for IoT networks.[2]

References Edit

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