== Citation --

General Accounting Office, Small Computers in the Federal Government: Management Is Needed To Realize Potential and Prevent Problems (AFMD-83-36) (Mar. 8, 1983) (full-text).

Overview Edit

GAO identified a rapidly evolving problem relating to the acquisition and use of small computers by federal agencies. GAO based its report on earlier findings and on current monitoring efforts of automatic data processing performance at several agencies.

GAO found that the use of small computers in the government has advanced much faster than agency efforts to manage these resources. Existing guidance, directed toward large computers and centralized data processing, does not cover some of the unique aspects of the small computer environment. Present conditions allow waste and inefficiency in the short run and adversely affect broad policies and goals in the long run.

GAO stated that lack of planning and guidance at all levels has allowed uncoordinated and uncontrolled proliferation of small computers. GAO concluded that, collectively, small computers constitute a large block of resources that need increased attention from data processing management.

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