Overview Edit

The Seoul-Melbourne Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation in the regulation of spam was signed in October 2003 between the Korean Internet & Security Agency (then called the Korean Information Security Agency) and the Australian Communications and Media Authority (then called the Australian Communications Authority). Both parties realized early on that spam was a global problem requiring global solutions and so it was decided to expand the MoU to include other organizations from the region.

In April 2005 the MoU was expanded to include 12 organisations from 10 economies and in September 2007 another organisation joined to make 13 organisations. In May 2010 every member of the MoU reached an agreement to extend the expired date of the MoU until May 2013. There are 13 organisations from 10 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Further membership applications are pending as anti-spam legislation is enacted in various countries in the region. Membership is open to all relevant Government and industry organisation/s of any country/region. All signatories have equal status.

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