Definition Edit

Sensitive Security Information (SSI) is

a specific category of sensitive but unclassified (SBU) information that is governed by Federal law. SSI is information obtained or developed which, if released publicly, would be detrimental to transportation security. At TSA, the goal is to release as much information as possible publicly without compromising security.[1]

Overview Edit

The Maritime Transportation Security Act, the Aviation Transportation Security Act, and the Homeland Security Act establish protection for Sensitive Security Information. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the USCG may designate information as SSI when disclosure would:

Parties accessing SSI must demonstrate a need to know. Holders of SSI must protect such information from unauthorized disclosure and must destroy the information when it is no longer needed. SSI protection pertains to government officials, as well as to Transportation Systems Sector owners and operators.

References Edit

  1. ICS-CERT, Common Cyber Security Language (full-text).

Source Edit

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