Definitions Edit


Security testing means

accessing a computer, computer system, or computer network, solely for the purpose of good faith testing, investigating, or correcting, a security flaw or vulnerability, with the authorization of the owner or operator of such computer, computer system, or computer network.[1]

General Edit

Security testing is

[a] process used to determine that the security features of a system are implemented as designed. This includes hands-on functional testing, penetration testing, and verification.[2]
[t]esting that attempts to verify that an implementation protects data and maintains functionality as intended.[3]

Overview Edit

Such testing should be one component of an overall security program that also includes assigned security responsibilities, risk assessment, system requirements, planning, policies, and procedures. This testing includes hands-on functional testing, penetration testing, and verification.

References Edit

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  2. Department of Defense, National Computer Security Center, Glossary of Computer Security Terms (NCSC-TG-004, Ver. 1) (Oct. 21, 1988).
  3. NIST Special Publication 800-152, at 135.

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