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Security in Numbers: SSNs and ID Theft

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Citation Edit

FTC Workshop, Security in Numbers: SSNs and ID Theft (Dec. 10-11, 2007) (full-text).

Overview Edit

The FTC hosted a public workshop, "Security in Numbers: SSNs and ID Theft," to explore the uses of Social Security Numbers in the private sector and the role of SSNs in identity theft. This workshop continue∂ the work of the President's Identity Theft Task Force, and, in particular, its recommendation to explore ways to reduce unnecessary uses of the SSN. The workshop provided a forum for public-sector, private-sector, and consumer representatives to discuss the various uses of SSNs by the private sector, the necessity of those uses, alternatives available, the challenges faced by the private sector in moving away from using SSNs, and how SSNs are obtained and used by identity thieves.

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