Overview Edit

The NIST, Computer Security Division, Security Components and Mechanisms Group (SCMG) conducts security research focused on the development and management of foundational building-block security mechanisms and techniques that can be integrated into a wide variety of U.S. mission-critical information systems. The group's work spans a spectrum from near-term hardening and improvement to the design and analysis of next-generation, leap-ahead security capabilities.

This work focuses strongly on assurance-building activities ranging from the analysis of software configuration settings to advanced trust architectures to testing tools that surface flaws in software modules. Due to the often manual and costly nature of assurance building using current techniques, this work focuses strongly on increasing the applicability and effectiveness of automated techniques wherever feasible. SCMG conducts research collaboratively with government, industry, and academia.

SCMG works on a variety of topics, such as specifications for the automated exchange of security information between systems, computer security incident handling guidelines, formulation of high-assurance software configuration settings, hardware roots of trust for mobile devices, secure Basic Input Output System (BIOS) layers, combinatorial testing techniques, conformity assessment of software implementing biometric standards, and adoption of Internet Protocol Version 6 and Internet Protocol security extensions.

Sources Edit

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