Citation Edit

Privy Council Office, Securing an Open Society: Canada's National Security Policy (2004) (full-text).

Overview Edit

This document is a strategic framework and action plan designed to ensure that Canada is prepared for and can respond to current and future threats. The focus is on events and circumstances that generally require a national response as they are beyond the capacity of individuals, communities or provinces to address alone.

The first-ever policy of its kind in Canada, this document adopts an integrated approach to security issues across government. It employs a model that can adapt to changing circumstances over time. It has been crafted to balance the needs for national security with the protection of core Canadian values of openness, diversity and respect for civil liberties.

The National Security Policy focuses on addressing three core national security interests:

  • Protecting Canada and Canadians at home and abroad
  • Ensuring Canada is not a base for threats to allies
  • Contributing to international security.

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