Definition Edit

A Sector Coordinating Council (SCC) is

[a] private sector coordinating council composed of representatives of owners and operators within a particular sector of critical infrastructure established by the National Infrastructure Protection Plan or any successor.[1]

Overview Edit

They are the private sector counterpart to the Government Coordinating Council (GCC). These councils are self-organized, self-run, and self-governed organizations that are representative of a spectrum of key stakeholders within a sector. SCCs serve as the government's principal point of entry into each sector for developing and coordinating a wide range of CIKR protection activities and issues.

Specific membership varies from sector to sector, reflecting the unique composition of each sector; however, membership is to be representative of a broad base of owners, operators, associations, and other entities — both large and small — within a sector.

Cross-sector issues and interdependencies are addressed among the SCCs through the CIKR Cross-Sector Council, which comprises the leadership of all SCCs.

References Edit

  1. Executive Order 13636.

Source Edit

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