Definition Edit

A screen capture is a

series of simultaneous keystrokes which, when pressed, allow a user to take a "picture" of the computer screen. The picture is loaded into the RAM. . . .[1]

Application Edit

A screen capture targets data that can be used for financially motivated crimes. When a trigger occurs, such as a keyword appearing in a window or title bar, a screenshot is captured and made available to the attacker.

Technology Edit

Several methods are available for capturing a screen shot of a Web page. One method is a Windows® function [Ctrl]+[PrntScrn], which will capture the entire screen by copying it to the Windows® clipboard. The image may then be pasted ([Ctrl]+[v] or Edit > Paste) into another application, such as a word-processing program or graphics editor, for preservation.

Another method is to use a third-party software application specifically designed to capture images of screens or active windows. These methods may only capture the displayed content of the active window and may not capture content that is outside the display of the active window. The HTML source will not be captured unless it is displayed.

References Edit

  1. ITLC Online.

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