Definition Edit

A scatternet is a chain of piconets created by allowing one or more Bluetooth devices to each be a slave in one piconet and act as the master for another piconet simultaneously.

Overview Edit

A scatternet allows several devices to be networked over an extended distance in a dynamic topology that can change during any given session. As a device moves toward or away from the master device, the topology, and therefore the relationships of the devices in the immediate network, may change.


Example of a scatternet

Routing capabilities supported by Bluetooth networks control the changing network topologies of piconets and scatternets and assist in controlling the flow of data between networked devices. Bluetooth uses a combination of packet-switching and circuit-switching technologies. The use of packet switching in Bluetooth allows devices to route multiple packets of information over the same data path. This method does not consume all the resources of a data path, thereby allowing Bluetooth devices to maintain data flow throughout a scatternet.

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