Definition Edit

A scanner is

[a] device that captures a print or hard-copy image, such as a text document or map, and records the information in digital format.[1]

Overview Edit

The term "scanner" is used in connection with a variety of hardware devices and software, including:

Cybercrime Edit

"Some scanners are designed to scan only a single networked computer, gaining as much reconnaissance data about that system as possible. Others can scan any entire range of network addresses, seeking out those that appear to have a particular operating system or service running that may be vulnerable to an attack. Still others are designed to scan and map out entire Local Area Networks (LANs), identifying each host that resides on that network."[2]

References Edit

  1., GIS Glossary (full-text).
  2. Assessing Technology, Methods, and Information for Committing and Combating Cyber Crime, at 19.

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