Definition Edit

Sandboxing is

[a] method of isolating application modules into distinct fault domains enforced by software. The technique allows untrusted programs written in an unsafe language, such as C, to be executed safely within the single virtual address space of an application. Untrusted machine interpretable code modules are transformed so that all memory accesses are confined to code and data segments within their fault domain. Access to system resources can also be controlled through a unique identifier associated with each domain.[1]
[a] restricted, controlled execution environment that prevents potentially malicious software, such as mobile code, from accessing any system resources except those for which the software is authorized.[2]
[a] tightly controlled environment that restricts permissions on what can be run (to prevent malicious code from executing or accessing something it should not, for example).[3]

References Edit

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  2. CNSSI 4009
  3. Zero Days, Thousands of Nights, Glossary, at 106.

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