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European Commission, Safer Internet Programme (2009-2013) (2008) (full-text).

Overview Edit

The European Commission developed a proposal for the new Safer Internet Programme 2009–2013 in February 2008. This proposal was adopted in late 2008. The new program consolidates measures that were successful under the Safer Internet Action Plan and Safer Internet plus Programme and includes new measures to address risks associated with increasing use of social media services.

Consequentially, the new program places the greatest emphasis on education and awareness programs which are able to address a broad range of emerging risks, including cyberbullying and grooming. Due to the increase in production of child abuse material, significant emphasis is also placed on measures to fight illegal content and harmful conduct such as encouraging member organisations to share data including but not limited to indices of child abuse material. The program also recognises the importance of multi-stakeholder engagement in the development of effective programs, the benefit of measures such as technical or self-regulatory solutions to promote online safety and the importance of research to underpin policy and program development.

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