Overview Edit

The Safer Internet Ireland Project is a consortium of industry, education, child welfare and government partners that acts as a Safer Internet Centre in Ireland providing awareness, hotline and helpline functions and activities. The project, coordinated by the Office for Internet Safety aims to develop national initiatives promoting the safer use of electronic media and enhance protection of the vulnerable, particularly children, against the downside of the Internet. This consortium builds on the experience gained from the previous highly successful but independently run Safer Internet projects.

The key objectives of the project are to:

  • create high profile, tightly coordinated, national safer internet actions that are sustainable in to the future as technologies and uses of new media develop.
  • develop materials and programs of awareness to ensure that children, teachers and parents understand the benefits and risks of the Internet. These will also advise on the necessity and means to report should illegal or harmful content be encountered.
  • make available a professionally-run counseling service where children affected by issues encountered on the Internet may turn for advice and guidance.
  • operate an Internet hotline service to the highest professional standards that is trusted by the public to allow anonymous confidential reporting of suspected illegal content or activities encountered on the Internet.

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