Citation Edit


U.K. Department for Children, Schools and Families & Department for Culture, Media and Sport, Safer Children in a Digital World (The Report of the Byron Review [of children and new technology]) (2008) (full-text).

Overview Edit

In September 2007, U.K. Prime Minister, Gordon Brown and the Secretaries of State for Children, Schools and Families and Culture, Media and Sport, commissioned prominent psychologist, Dr. Tanya Byron, to conduct an independent review. Released in March 2008, "Safer Children in a Digital World" examines the risks to children from exposure to potentially harmful or inappropriate material on the internet and in video games. This review is about the needs of children and young people. It is about preserving their right to take the risks that form an inherent part of their development by enabling them to play video games and surf the net in a safe and informed way.

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