Overview Edit

SEARCH, the Online Resource for Justice and Public Safety Decision Makers (previously called SEARCH, the National Consortium for Justice Information and Statistics) is dedicated to improving the quality of justice and public safety through the use, management, and exchange of information; application of new technologies; and responsible law and policy, while safeguarding security and privacy.

SEARCH assists local, tribal, county, regional, and state agencies and organizations — including law enforcement and public safety; first responders; prosecution; defense; adjudication; detention; corrections and probation; and other disciplines, such as transportation, drivers’ licensing, vehicle registration, public health, and social services — through a broad array of activities, resources, and products. Its focus is on criminal history systems, integrated justice information systems, information technology (planning, purchasing, managing), communications interoperability, and cybercrime investigation.

Its services include in-house and on-site technical assistance and training, resource development (web sites, publications, white papers, conferences, workshops), public policy assistance, and model development (model legislation, standards and procedures, best practices) in these focus areas. SEARCH online resources provide information on law enforcement information technology (IT), integrated justice, justice software solutions, and IT acquisition.

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