Definitions Edit

Rules of behavior are

the rules that have been established and implemented concerning use of, security controls, and acceptable level of risk for the system. Rules will clearly delineate responsibilities and expected behavior of all individuals with access to the system. Rules should cover such matters as work at home, dial-in access, connection to the Internet, use of copyrighted works, unofficial use of federal government equipment, the assignment and limitation of system privileges, and individual accountability.[1]
[e]stablished rules developed to promote a workforce member's understanding of the importance of safeguarding personally identifiable information (PII), his or her individual role and responsibilities in protecting PII, and the consequences for failed compliance. All workforce members with access to PII in the performance of their official duties are required to comply with established rules.[2]

References Edit

  1. DM3595-001, at 25.
  2. 5 FAM 463 (full-text).

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