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Definitions Edit

General Edit

A roadmap is

a planning document that briefly outlines the program's key phases (increments and releases) and the expected milestones for completion. A roadmap does not include specific activities or a detailed work breakdown structure, which would be included in the schedule that is prepared to support the roadmap.[1]

Unmanned aerial vehicle Edit

The Roadmap is

a document released by the Federal Aviation Administration in November 2013 that lays out its intended path for writing overdue and much-anticipated regulations governing the use of UAVs. The roadmap calls for release of some rules for sUAS's next year.[2]

References Edit

  1. DoD Business Systems Modernization: Air Force Business System Schedule and Cost Estimates, at 7 n.19.
  2. "Know your drones: Glossary of terms" (full-text). The full title of the "Roadmap" is "Integration of Civil Unmanned Aircraft Systems in the National Airspace System Roadmap" (1st ed.) (Nov. 2013).

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