Definitions Edit

Risk communication is

an interactive process of exchanging information and opinions between stakeholders regarding the nature and associated risks of a hazard on the individual or community and the appropriate responses to minimize risks.[1]
[the] exchange of information with the goal of improving risk understanding, affecting risk perception, and/or equipping people or groups to act appropriately in response to an identified risk.[2]

Overview Edit

"Risk communication is practiced for both non-hazardous conditions and during incidents. During an incident, risk communication is intended to provide information that fosters trust and credibility in government and empowers partners, stakeholders, and the public to make the best possible decisions under extremely difficult time constraints and circumstances."[3]

References Edit

  1. P. O'Neill, Developing a Risk Communication Model to Encourage Community Safety from Natural Hazards (June 2004) (full-text).
  2. DHS Risk Lexicon, at 29.
  3. Id.

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