Overview Edit

The Risk Management Reporting System (RMRS) uses a threat and risk-based approach to analyze results and conduct data mining activities for the TSA. RMRS generates risk-assessed scores for assets comprising U.S. critical infrastructures based on advanced analytics.

RMRS is a stand-alone system that TSA uses to store and analyze risk. Because RMRS is flexible and modular, it has the capability to store and analyze risk for assets including, but not limited to, maritime facilities and vessels, airports, mass transit, and public assembly facilities such as stadiums and arenas.

RMRS generates a score based on the level of risk associated with a particular asset. The information that RMRS has in its database is reported by facility managers, security personnel, and law enforcement agents and entered into one of the available tools associated with RMRS, such as TSA's Vulnerability Identification Self-Assessment Tool (VISAT).

RMRS processes the information captured from these tools using algorithms to generate a level of impact score to assess the likelihood of a terrorism attack, attractiveness of the target, and the consequences of an act of terrorism. RMRS also captures and analyzes criticality information, including potential life-threatening, economic, and psychological impacts from threat scenarios when applied to particular assets.

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