Risk Analysis Process for Informed Decision-making (RAPID) is

the process for conducting risk analysis to support DHS risk management tradeoffs. RAPID has three key deliverables: (1) a quantitative multihazard homeland security risk baseline (i.e., annualized expected loss across a range of terrorism, transnational crime, and natural hazard events), (2) a map of major DHS programs to homeland security hazards that shows how programs interact to manage the risk of a specific hazard, and (3) a program-based risk reduction analysis that shows the risk reduction of DHS individual programs. One of RAPID’s objectives is to compare homeland security risks within and across incident types to support prioritization of DHS’s efforts.[1]

References Edit

  1. Quadrennial Homeland Security Review: Enhanced Stakeholder Consultation and Use of Risk Information Could Strengthen Future Reviews, at 40.

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