Definitions Edit

General Edit

Resolution is "the amount of detail that can be seen in an image."[1]

Computer technology Edit

The resolution of a computer screen

is defined by the number of horizontal lines of picture elements that the screen displays and the number of pixels per line.[2]

Domain name Edit

Resolution of domain names is accomplished by a combination of computers and software, referred to as name servers, which use the data in the Domain Name System to determine which IP numbers correspond to a particular domain name.

Satellite imagery Edit

Resolution is "the size of an object represented by one pixel in the photograph."[3]

Overview Edit

There are four measures of resolution: spectral resolution which is measure of the narrowness of the spectral band that can be determined; temporal resolution which measures the frequency at which data of the same region can be obtained; radiometric resolution which measures how many levels of gray can be determined on a black and white image; and spatial resolution. The latter gives the smallest dimension an object can have and still be distinguished from other objects.[4]

References Edit

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