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A request for information (RFI) is

[a] document used to obtain price, delivery, other market information, or capabilities for planning purposes when the Government does not presently intend to issue a solicitation.[1]
[a] letter released to the bidding community seeking to identify interested bidders for a particular procurement. The RFI generally describes the background of the business problem and may describe some of the key requirements.[2]
(1) a request to the vendor community to gather information which may result in issuing a RFQ/RFP. (2) a request to the vendor community for information to be used to ascertain whether the desired level and types of services can be provided in a cost effective manner by the private sector. (3) an inquiry the state directs to vendors when the state is interested in gathering information which may ultimately result in issuing a request for quotation or request for proposal.[3]
a standard business process used to collect written information about the capabilities of various suppliers.[4]

Intelligence Edit

A request for information (RFI) is

[a]ny specific time-sensitive ad hoc requirement for intelligence information or products to support an ongoing crisis or operation not necessarily related to standing requirements or scheduled intelligence production. A request for information can be initiated to respond to operational requirements and will be validated in accordance with the combatant command's procedures.[5]

U.S. government Edit

A request for information (RFI) is

[a]n announcement in the Commerce Business Daily or other publication requesting information from industry about a planned acquisition and, in some cases, corporate capability information.[6]

References Edit

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