Overview Edit

OMB Circular No. A-130 established cnteria for agencies to determine when a [Report on New System] (RONS) must be submitted to it and the Congress. OMB also specified the content of the report to include a brief narrative statement which (1) describes the purpose of the system, (2) identifies the authority for maintaining the system, (3) provides the agency's evaluation of "the probable or potential effect of such proposal on the privacy and other personal or property rrghts of individuals or the disclosure of information relating to such individuals and its effect on the preservation of the constitutional principle of federalism and separation of power" (required by the Act), and (4) provides a brief description of steps taken by the agency to minimize the risk of unauthorized access to the system of records including a discussion of higher or lower risk alternatives which were considered for meeting the requirements of the system. A more detailed assessment of the risks and specific administrative, technical, procedural, and physical safeguards established is to be made available upon request.[1]

References Edit

  1. Privacy Act: Federal Agencies' Implementation Can Be Improved, at 60.

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