Citation Edit

U.S. Department of Justice, Report of the Department of Justice's Task Force on Intellectual Property (Oct. 2004) (full-text).

Overview Edit

In response to the growing threat of intellectual property crime, on March 31, 2004, the U.S. Attorney General announced the creation of the Department of Justice's Task Force on Intellectual Property.

The Task Force was entrusted to examine all of the Department of Justice's intellectual property enforcement efforts and to explore methods for the Justice Department to strengthen its protection of the nation's valuable intellectual resources. A team of legal experts, with a diverse range of expertise and experience, was assembled to tackle this undertaking.

The Task Force formed five working groups, or subcommittees, to explore important areas of intellectual property. The Task Force also consulted other government agencies and gathered information from multiple sources outside the government, including victims of intellectual property theft, creators of intellectual property, community groups, and academia.

After six months of work, the Task Force submitted this report of recommendations to the Attorney General. These recommendations outline both substantive and tangible methods for the Department of Justice to expand and enhance its efforts in protecting the nation's creative and intellectual resources.

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