Citation Edit

Report of Defense Science Board Summer Study Task Force on Information Architecture for the Battlefield (Nov. 1994) (full-text).

Overview Edit

The Task Force addressed four aspects of information architecture for the battlefield: the use of information in warfare; the use of information warfare, both offensive and defensive; the business practices of the DoD in acquiring and using battlefield information systems; and the underlying technology required to develop and implement these systems.

This report emphasizes the importance of the warfighter as the principal customer for battlefield information systems. In today's complex world, the warfighter requires flexible information systems that can be readily and rapidly adapted to accomplish different missions. Further, the Task Force is quite concerned that DoD information systems are highly vulnerable to information warfare. However, the Task Force also found that the information systems of potential adversaries are also quite vulnerable.

The Task Force believes that management structure changes can provide an effective approach to integration of disparate systems. The group reinforces that notion that the DoD can greatly enhance the effectiveness of limited DoD resources by leveraging available commercial products and technology.

While the Armed Services and agencies are making good progress in developing programs to improve battlefield information interoperability, continued systemic improvement is needed to ensure a flexible joint information structure is achieved. A broader warfighter involvement in the development of joint requirements for battlefield information systems is required. A more coordinated approach to expanding offensive and defensive information warfare capability is necessary.

Finally, modifications must be made to DoD acquisition processes to enable better use of rapidly evolving commercial technologies.

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