Definition Edit

A replication device is

any device that reproduces (e.g., copies, prints, scans) documents, images, or objects from an electronic or physical source.[1]

Overview Edit

RDs include copiers, printers, three-dimensional (3D) printers, scanners, 3D scanners, as well as multifunction machines when used as a copier, printer, or scannerx.

RDs in use within organizations run the gamut in terms of age and functionality. Older, single-function devices may have no internal, nonvolatile storage and cannot be networked. Other devices may provide a variety of functions, be network-connected, run commercially available operating systems, contain internal, nonvolatile storage, and contain embedded internal print servers and web server capability. In between the two extremes, there may be RDs with network and/or storage functionality but no discernable means to configure them securely.

Additionally, many organizations may not have an accurate inventory of RDs or recognize what functionality each device possesses, especially with respect to information (data) storage, processing, and transmission.

Security concerns Edit

Historically, the capabilities of RDs were limited to basic copying, scanning, and printing. Storage of scanned or printed information within the RDs was not part of the device functionality and RDs were locally (directly) connected to computers via a cable or were stand-alone devices so the security of information processed by RDs was generally not a consideration for most organizations.

Today, however, RDs are often connected to organizational networks, have central processing units that run common commercial operating systems, store information internally on nonvolatile storage media, and may even have internal servers or router]s. As a result, RDs may be vulnerable to a number of exploits if the risk is not mitigated using appropriate security practices/controls.

The following are general threats, vulnerabilities, and related exploits that may affect RDs:

References Edit

  1. Risk Management for Replication Devices, at 1.

Source Edit

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