Definition Edit

SCADA systems Edit

A remote terminal unit (also called a remote telemetry unit or RTU) is

a device installed at a remote location that collects data, codes the data into a format that is transmittable and transmits the data back to a central station, or master. An RTU also collects information from the master device and implements processes that are directed by the master. RTUs are equipped with input channels for sensing or metering, output channels for control, indication or alarms and a communications port.[1]

Overview Edit

RTUs are field devices often equipped with wireless radio interfaces to support remote situations where wire-based communications are unavailable.[2] Sometimes PLCs are implemented as field devices to serve as RTUs; in that case, a PLC is often referred to as an RTU.

References Edit

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  2. Cybersecurity Issues for the Bulk Power System, at 4 n.15.

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