Definition Edit

A remote backup service (RBS) is a

[c]ompany that provides backup services for customers from an off-site location to an on-site location.[1]

Overview Edit

Professional online backup services help companies back up their important data to a remote and secure location. The advantage of automatic remote backup is that data remains safe from theft, hard-disk failure, fire and other local mishaps.

Remote storage used to be an expensive option but with the advent of cloud computing, many affordable options have become available to anyone with an Internet connection. Some services are easier to use than your DVD burner software. While service providers offer and employ different technologies; users should choose providers according to their computing platforms and industry requirements. According to their website, Amazon's S3 service can store files up to 5 terabytes of information, useful for users with hi-resolution video, medical or scientific data. Notable cloud service providers include Apple, Google, IBM, Microsoft and Adobe. In Canada, cloud services are available from Bell, Carbonite and Canada Post among others.

References Edit

  1. Glossary (full-text).

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