Citation Edit

Joint Security Commission, Redefining Security [A Report to the Secretary of Defense and the Director of Central Intelligence] (Feb. 28, 1994) (full-text).

Overview Edit

This report presented the recommendations of the Joint Security Commission to develop a new approach to security that would "assure the adequacy of protection within the contours of a security system that is simplified, more uniform, and more cost effective" and redefine security policies, practices and procedures. The report described the threats to the nation's security and laid out a vision the Commission believed would shift the course of security philosophy. It also proposed a new policy structure and a classification system designed to manage risks better, and outlined methods of improving government and industry personnel security policies.

It offered recommendations on developing new strategies for achieving security within information systems, including protecting the integrity and availability of both classified and unclassified information assets, and called for a new approach to capture security costs. The Commission provided recommendations for linking traditional physical and technical countermeasures to threat. It believed that implementation of these recommendations would result in a security system that would meet the evolving threat while being fairer, more coherent, and more cost effective.

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