Definitions Edit

Records management is

[t]he efficient and systematic control of the creation, receipt, maintenance, use, and disposition of records.[1]
the planning, controlling, directing, organizing, training, promoting, and other managerial activities involved with respect to records creation, records maintenance and use, and records disposition in order to achieve adequate and proper documentation of the policies and transactions of the Federal Government and effective and economical management of agency operations.[2]
[t]he process for tagging information for records-keeping requirements as mandated in the Federal Records Act and the National Archival and Records Requirements.[3]

Overview Edit

Records management supports scheduling, appraisal, description, and requests to transfer custody of all types of records, as well as ingesting and managing electronic records, including the capture of selected records data (such as origination date, format, and disposition).

References Edit

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  2. Executive Order 13526, at §6.1(jj).
  3. CNSSI 4009.

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