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Definitions Edit

Communications Edit

Real-time is

[t]he absence of significant time delay in the acquisition, transmission and reception of information.[1]

Computing Edit

Real-time is usually used to describe situations when two or more people are interacting via their computers instantaneously, versus delayed back-and-forth communication, such as with instant messaging.

As noted by one court:

In addition to transmitting messages that can be later read or accessed, individuals on the Internet can engage in an immediate dialog, in 'real time', with other people on the Internet.[2]

General Edit

Real-time is time in which reporting on events or recording of events is simultaneous with the events.

Process control Edit


[p]ertaining to the performance of a computation during the actual time that the related physical process transpires so that the results of the computation can be used to guide the physical process.[3]

References Edit

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  3. NIST Special Publication 800-82, at B-6.

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