Definitions Edit

A random number generator (RNG) is

a device or algorithm that can produce a sequence of random numbers that appears to be statistically independent and unbiased.[1]
[a] process used to generate an unpredictable series of numbers. Each individual value is called random if each of the values in the total population of values has an equal probability of being selected.[2]
random number generators (RNGs) used for cryptographic applications typically produce a sequence of zero and one bits that may be combined into sub-sequences or blocks of random numbers.[3]

Overview Edit

"There are two basic classes: [[deterministic and nondeterministic. A deterministic RNG consists of an algorithm that produces a sequence of bits from an initial value called a seed. A nondeterministic RNG produces output that is dependent on some unpredictable physical source that is outside human control."[4]

References Edit

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