Definition Edit

RISSNET is a secure nationwide law enforcement and information-sharing network that operates as part of the Regional Information Sharing Systems (RISS) Program.

Overview Edit

RISS is composed of six regional centers (RISS Centers) that share intelligence and coordinate efforts targeted against criminal networks, terrorism, cybercrime, and other unlawful activities that cross jurisdictional lines. It serves as the communications backbone for the secure exchange of sensitive information and also allows instant electronic access to RISS services by RISS member agencies.

Resources available for access on RISSNET include the RISS Investigative Leads Bulletin Board; RISSLive; the RISS criminal intelligence databases (RISSIntel); various state, regional, federal, and specialized criminal intelligence databases; the RISS National Gang Database; the RISS Automated Trusted Information Exchange (ATIX); RISS center websites; the RISS search engine (RISSSearch); and RISSLinks — a data visualization and link analysis tool.

Member agencies may also contact center staff directly to request assistance in database records searches, use of other RISS services such as analytical assistance on cases, obtaining loan of specialized surveillance equipment, confidential funds support, obtaining criminal activity bulletins and publications, and obtaining contact information on officers in other agencies that may assist in furthering an investigation.

The RISS program is federally funded and administered by the DOJ/Bureau of Justice Assistance.

Source Edit

  • Justice Information Sharing Initiatives: A White Paper Prepared for the Attorney General’s Advisory Committee of United States Attorneys by the Office of Justice Programs 10-11 (Oct. 2004) (full-text).

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