Citation Edit

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, RFID Applications, Impacts and Country Initiatives, OECD Digital Economy Paper No. 144 (Apr. 18, 2008) (full-text).

Overview Edit

Eight major fields of RFID application are analysed in this study, comprising:

  1. asset utilisation, where mobile assets are tagged for their use along the supply chain;
  2. asset monitoring and maintenance, where mostly fixed and high value assets are tagged to store information, e.g. for maintenance purposes;
  3. item flow control in processes, where RFID tags are attached to items which are moving along the supply chain;
  4. inventory audit, for example in warehouses where pallets are tagged to improve the speed and efficiency of stock taking;
  5. theft control;
  6. authentication to provide secure identification mechanisms for persons and objects;
  7. payment systems to secure transactions; and
  8. automatic display of information where items are tagged to provide additional information on products and services when read.

Country initiatives are divided into three main categories: i) the use of RFID by the public sector; ii) information, awareness and education programmes; and iii) incentives for business R&D and public funding of projects.

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