Definition Edit

An RAS (Robotic and Autonomous Systems) tool

will have:

Core across all forms is the need for a RAS tool to "interact." This takes many forms including interaction and adaption to the local environment, interconnection with other RAS devices to share information as part of smart systems, the interaction of people with RAS devices, and self-interaction to monitor internal health and correct operation.

For example, an autonomous car will interact and synchronise with the vehicles around it, maintaining safety and optimising its journey. It will sense its environment and decide how to act from one millisecond to the next. It will also interact with the humans inside, for navigation direction and safe operation. Designs incorporating RAS are already creating their own forms, reshaping our future cities, roads and factories.[1]

References Edit

  1. RAS 2020 Robotics and Autonomous Systems, at 6.

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