Definitions Edit

Purge means

[t]o render stored applications, files, and other information on a system unrecoverable.[1]
[t]he removal of sensitive data from an AIS, AIS storage device, or peripheral device with storage capacity, at the end of a processing period. This action is performed in such a way that there is assurance proportional to the sensitivity of the data that the data may not be reconstructed.[2]

Overview Edit

"An AIS must be disconnected from any external network before a purge. After a purge, the medium can be declassified by observing the review procedures of the respective agency."[3]

References Edit

  1. Practices for Securing Critical Information Assets, Glossary, at 57.
  2. Department of Defense, National Computer Security Center, Glossary of Computer Security Terms (NCSC-TG-004, Ver. 1) (Oct. 21, 1988).
  3. Id.

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