Definition Edit

Military Edit

Public affairs (PA) refers to

[t]hose public information, command information, and community relations activities directed toward both the external and internal publics with interest in the Department of Defense.[1]

Overview (Military) Edit

PA activities:

  1. Expedite the flow of accurate and timely information to internal (own organization) and external (the public) audiences.
  2. Create an awareness of the military goals during a campaign or operation.
  3. Satisfy the desires of the internal and external audiences to be kept informed about the campaign or operation.
  4. Inform internal and external audiences of significant developments affecting them.
  5. Through the public media, allow a JFC to inform an adversary or a potential adversary about the friendly force’s intent and capability.

PA activities are not used as a military deception capability or to provide disinformation to either internal or external audiences.[2]

References Edit

  1. U.S. Department of Defense, Joint Pub. 1–02: DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms (Apr. 2010).[1]
  2. Joint Chiefs of Staff, "Joint Doctrine for Information Operations" (Joint Pub. 3-13), at II-6 (Oct. 9, 1998).[2]

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