Definition Edit

A public/private key establishment pair is

used to securely establish a key between parties. Examples of the use of a key pair for key establishment are encrypting the symmetric key for S/MIME payload encryption/decryption and encrypting the random secret to be sent from a TLS client to a server.[1]

Overview Edit

It is recommended that key establishment key pairs be distinct from authentication and signature key pairs. However, it is recognized that some devices such as web servers use the same key pair for key establishment and authentication. A key establishment [key pair is traditionally used in a network environment, but some usage for stored data is also seen and can be envisioned. A key establishment key pair is generally used for a pre-defined period for encryption (e.g., up to 3 years), but is used for decryption for as long as the confidentiality of the data needs to be protected.[2]

References Edit

  1. NISTIR 7956, at 3.
  2. Id.

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