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The Cabinet Office, Protecting Government Information: Independent Review of Government Information Assurance (The Coleman Report) (2008) (full-text).

Overview Edit

In this review of how the U.K. government handles and protects the information it holds, the author focusses on all elements of Information Assurancedata protection, availability and the integrity of information.

This Independent Review was started before the announcement of the Cabinet Secretary's review of data handling and the bulk of the research for this report was completed in 2007. The Cabinet Secretary and his review team have sought my advice and used my review in the completion of their work. I welcome the conclusions of the Cabinet Secretary's review and look forward to seeing how they are implemented in government.

Where appropriate this report has been updated to reflect changes which have been announced as part of the Data Handling Review.

This report is published to record the rationale behind the recommendations and provide substance for the discussion around public sector Information Assurance. The challenges identified are both short and long term and the Government will need to show continued commitment to address them.