Citation Edit

European Commission, Communication on Critical Information Infrastructure Protection, Protecting Europe From Large Scale Cyber-attacks and Cyber-disruptions: Enhancing Preparedness, Security and Resilience (COM(2009) 149) (Mar. 30, 2009) (full-text).

Overview Edit

This Communication focuses on prevention, preparedness and awareness and defines a plan of immediate actions to strengthen the security and resilience of critical information infrastructures (CIIs). This focus is consistent with the debate launched at the request of the European Council and the European Parliament to addresses the challenges and priorities for network and information security (NIS) policy and the most appropriate instruments needed at EU level to tackle them. The proposed actions are also complementary to those to prevent, fight and prosecute criminal and terrorist activities targeting CIIs and synergetic with current and prospective EU research efforts in the field of network and information security, as well as with international initiatives in this area.

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