Definition Edit

A programmable communicating thermostat (PCT)

would be used in order to reduce the electric power at the residential site. Broadcast messages which will be sent out to the thermostat which causes the thermostat to update the power consumption.[1]

Overview Edit

"The PCT will be provided to the residential customers by the IOU's. The PCT will communicate with the utility through a meter. The connection is done through a wide area network. The PCT allows the customer to set the temperature for heating as well as cooling. Security issues such as confidentiality, integrity, availability and, non‐repudiation come into effect for the PCT during the flow of events from the utility to the residential site. Integrity plays a crucial role in PCT. An attacker can cause annoyance, affect health and safety, grid instability by carrying out blackout, increase cost for the customer as some form of threats."[2]

References Edit

  1. Smart Grid Cyber Security: Potential Threats, Vulnerabilities and Risks, at 31.
  2. Id.

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