Citation Edit

OECD, Working Party on Information Security and Privacy, Privacy Online: Policy and Practical Guidance (DSTI/ICCP/REG(2002)3/FINAL) (Jan. 21, 2003) (full-text).

Overview Edit

Based on the work achieved by OECD member countries to fulfil the 1998 Ministerial Declaration on the Protection of Privacy on Global Networks, this report reflects the ministerial high level objective to build bridges between different national approaches in order to ensure the effective protection of privacy and personal data as well as the continued transborder flow of personal data on global networks.

The report includes policy and practical guidance for implementing privacy protection online. Addressed to OECD member countries, business and other organisations, individual users and consumers, the report is intended to reinforce the impact and visibility of the action of the OECD, and the importance of the OECD Privacy Guidelines in the development and implementation of a mix of solutions for ensuring global privacy.

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