New Zealand Edit

Citation Edit

Office of the Privacy Commissioner (NZ), Privacy Impact Assessment Handbook (June 2007) (full-text).

Overview Edit

Protection of privacy is more than simply avoiding a breach of the law. It can involve striving for something better. Privacy impact assessment is one of a range of new techniques which are increasingly being used internationally to better manage privacy risks. Others include privacy compliance audits, privacy seals and associated self-regulatory initiatives and privacy enhancing technologies. Each builds on the bedrock of the enforceable privacy rights for citizens and consumers enshrined in law.

Privacy impact assessment enables public and private bodies to make informed choices. It will often be the case that a privacy enhancing solution will be no more difficult or costly to implement than an intrusive one, if the option is identified sufficiently early in project planning.

United Kingdom Edit

Citation Edit

Information Commissioner's Office (U.K.), Privacy Impact Assessment Handbook (Ver. 2) (2009) (full-text).

Overview Edit

Because organisations vary greatly in size, the extent to which their activities intrude on privacy, and their experience in dealing with privacy issues makes it difficult to write a "one size fits all" guide. The purpose of this handbook is to be comprehensive. However, not all of the information provided in this handbook will be relevant to every project that will be assessed.

The handbook is split into two parts. Part I (Chapters I and II) are designed to give background information on the privacy impact assessment (PIA) process and privacy. Part II is a practical "how to" guide on the PIA process.

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