Overview Edit

In December 1977, the President established a Privacy Coordinating Committee, composed of nine agencies and three White House components, to analyze the recommendations containing in the July 1997 final report[1] issued by the Privacy Protection Study Commission,[2] and related privacy issues and to determine an Administration position through the White House domestic policy review process.

When the NTIA was formed in March 1978, it provided central staff support for the Committee, which was co-chaired by the Secretary of Commerce and the President's Domestic Policy Advisor. The Committee reported its analysis and recommendations in a 207-page document dated November 1, 1978.

References Edit

  1. Privacy Protection Study Commission, Personal Privacy in an Information Society (July 1977).
  2. This report contained 162 recommendations for actions needed to achieve a balance between an individual's right to personal privacy and society's need for information.

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