Overview Edit

The Presidential Decision Directive (PDD) series was used by the Clinton Administration to promulgate Presidential decisions on national security matters. The following PDDs are relevant to this Wiki:

  • PDD/NSC 23: Foreign Access To Remote Sensing Space Capabilities (Mar. 10, 1994).
  • PDD/NSTC 2: Convergence of U.S. Polar-Orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite Systems (May 10, 1994).
  • PDD-29: Security Policy Coordination (Sept. 16, 1994).
  • PDD-39: U.S. Policy on Counter-Terrorism (June 21, 1995).
  • PDD-62: Protection Against Unconventional Threats to the Homeland and Americans Overseas (May 22, 1998).
  • PDD-63: Critical Infrastructure Protection (May 22, 1998).
  • PDD-67: Enduring Constitutional Government and Continuity of Government Operations (Oct. 21, 1998).

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