Overview Edit

The President’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Board is intended to coordinate federal efforts and programs related to protecting critical infrastructures. The Special Advisor to the President for Cyberspace Security chairs the board. Executive Order 13231[1] tasks the board with recommending policies and coordinating programs for protecting CIP-related information systems. The executive order also established ten standing committees to support the board’s work on a wide range of critical information infrastructure efforts.

The board is intended to coordinate with the Office of Homeland Security in activities relating to the protection of and recovery from attacks against information systems for critical infrastructure, including emergency preparedness communications that were assigned to the Office of Homeland Security by Executive Order 13228, dated October 8, 2001.

The board recommends policies and coordinates programs for protecting information systems for critical infrastructure, including emergency preparedness communications, and the physical assets that support such systems. In addition, the chair coordinates with the Assistant to the President for Economic Policy on issues relating to private-sector systems and economic effects and with the Director of OMB on issues relating to budgets and the security of federal computer systems.

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