Overview Edit

The President's Communications Policy Board was established by Executive Order 10110. It consisted of five members who were ordered to study and make recommendations on the policies and practices which should be followed by the Federal Government in the communications field to meet the broad requirements of the public interest.

The Executive Order stated that the Board was to study the present and potential use of radio and wire communications facilities by governmental and non-governmental agencies. The Order further stated that the Board was to make recommendations in the national interest concerning (a) policies for the most effective use of radio frequencies by governmental and non-governmental users and alternative administrative arrangements in the Federal Government for the sound effectuation of such policies, (b) policies with respect to international radio and wire communications, (c) the relationship of Government communications to non-government communications, and (d) such related policy matters as the Board may determine.

The problem of radio frequencies was seen as one of the most important areas for the Board's investigations. The Board was asked to recommend possible means for conserving frequencies, as well as standards for determining the relative priority of competing claims for frequencies, and possible administrative arrangements within the Government for assuring, on a continuing basis, a sound and equitable allocation of the limited frequency supply.

On February 16, 1951, the Board submitted to the President its report, titled Telecommunications, A Program for Progress.

Source Edit

  • President Harry S. Truman, Letter to Dr. Irvin L. Stewart on the Establishment of the President's Communications Policy Board (Feb. 17, 1950) (full-text).

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