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Definition Edit

Precompiler is

[a] computer program which processes the source code of another computer program immediately before that program is to be compiled. It may provide the programer:
  • The ability to use convenient abbreviations which are not acceptable to the compiler itself: the precompiler expands ("transcribes") the shorthand version into source code which is acceptable to the compiler.
  • The ability to use non-standard programing statements which are not acceptable to the compiler. Tbis may be done to aid structured programing in a language that is not well suited to it. The added statements are translated into standard language statements (called a "structured programing precompiler").
  • The ability to enforce standards. The source statements written by a programer can be "edited" for usages which violate the standards the programer is supposed to be following.[1]

References Edit

  1. A Working Glossary of Computer Software Terms, at 12.

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